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Specialized Services & Consultancy

Testtex India helps in enhancing the product efficiency, environmental reputation as well as business value with the help of expertise team.

(1) Eco labeling system : The Eco labeling helps in identifying products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout the life cycle, from the extraction of raw material to production, use and disposal. Eco labeling ads value to the business and the products because it increases reputation, indicates corporate social responsibility and increases sales. Testtex. We helps to develop the system by

  • Awareness programme
  • Training of key personnel
  • Chemical & hygienic audit
  • Exploring possible alternatives
  • Process modification for economy
  • Sample evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Sample submission
  • Guidance for certification and renewal of certification

(2) Wash Care labeling System : Wash care symbol is a pictogram which represents the methods of washing. It indicates how a particular item should best be cleaned. Testtex experts team helps to make wash care label as per different standards by country/regions.

  • Suggested care instruction based on test results
  • Safe ironing temperature

(3) Fibre labeling guidance: Testtex helps garment manufacturer who purchase the raw material from vendor or use imported fabric. Fibre labeling ensures the quality of final product in the initial production stage.

(4) Wet Processing : Textile wet processing is the process that is used in any finishing treatment. The process is applied on textile in the form of liquid which involves chemical action on the textile. Testtex facilitate in development of process and implements when required. Expert team helps in trouble shooting in intermediate processing system which leads to reduce cost and increase value of environment resource management.