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It is very important for buyers, located a continent away from their product source to engage an independent inspection and testing agency to identify and control quality concerns at the source itself. Reliable and impartial quality testing and inspection services ensure that buyers interests are being well protected and quality products are being manufactured and shipped on time so as to enhance buyers confidence in the products.

Testtex India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. undertakes inspection services for several reputed overseas Buyers, who regularly buy fabrics & garments from India. It has sufficient man power of Quality Inspectors who are trained with various Quality systems & Inspection procedures. All inspections are impartial, dynamic & confidential. Inspections are carried out at supplier’s premises at different stages of production according to predefined sampling plan.

Fabrics inspection is generally carried out on 4 or 10 point basis, where as for garments, it is carried out at initial, mid & final stages, as desired by the client. Samples are inspected as per defined value Of AQL (Accepted Quality Level) which depends upon Inspection Type (Reduced, Normal or Tightened),Level ( I , II , or III ) & Sampling plan ( Single , Double or Multiple ) as prescribed vide ANSI / ASQ Z 1.4 (ISO 2859 - 1).

We also have state of art textile testing laboratories at Mumbai & Tirupur, thus, samples drawn at different stages of inspection can be additionally tested for desired quality parameters.

Pre-production inspection includes inspection of original materials, accessories, labels, original colors, cutting inspection etc. to minimize entry of substandard supply of materials & components. Online control helps in avoidance of defect through immediate control on the first production pieces.

During, final inspection finished garments are compared with sample approved by buyers. In addition to size measurement, visual examination of critical, major & minor defects provides evaluation of average product quality. It also includes inspection of packing material & mode of packing.

Thus, our inspections are based on value for money.

Z1 ANSI/ASQ.4/BS 6001/DIN 40080/ ISO2859/NF X 06-022

It is a random sampling inspection method by attributes. It is based on the mathematical theory of probability. It provides the number of samples to be inspected depending upon size of lot / shipment. It also provides acceptance or rejection criteria of a lot/shipment based on the number of defects observed. It provides a fair assessment of product quality to buyers as well as to sellers.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is the minimum percentage defective that can be considered satisfactory as a percentage average for the purpose of sampling inspection. It should be mutually agreed upon by both buyer and seller