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Testtex and KATRI

MOU between Testtex and KATRI

We wish to share the news of pleasant event at Testtex.

Korean Apparel Textile Research Institute(KATRI) has signed an MOU with Testtex India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. for co branding, sharing the information and jointly working for mutual benefit.

MOU signing ceremony took place at Hotel "Westin" in Mumbai wherein KATRI team headed by the President, specially arrived for the occasion.

KATRI has global network for testing, inspection and certification activities with testing laboratories in Korea, China, Vietnam etc. along with MOU with reputed laboratories in USA and other countries.

Testtex and KATRI will jointly serve each others clientele through issuance of test report under joint logo when required.

We consider this event as yet another milestone in Testtex's march towards excellence and globalization.