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ZDHC MRSL Conformance

With great pride we inform that “Testtex India Laboratories private limited” is recognised and accepted as an indicator of “Level 1 ZDHC MRSL Conformance”  specifically in connection with the ZDHC Gateway –chemical Module” by  ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

World over the industries, specifically, chemical suppliers, material suppliers, Textile and Leather product processors and finishers, brands and value chains and Testing and certification bodies aim towards “Cleaner production “.  They intend to use “Cleaner Inputs”, so as to meet requirements of Eco labeling & Discharge standards which includes ZDHC (Zero discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) for chemical formulation and Waste water, GOTS (Global organic Textile Standards) , REACH regulations, OEKO-TEX , California Proposition 65 etc.

Increasingly large numbers of chemicals have now been categorized as toxic, carcinogenic, allergenic or hazardous. Uses of such chemicals are undesirable and thus loosing favor.

The ZDHC programme has launched the ZDHC MRSL (manufacturing restricted substances list) list of chemical substances banned from intentional use, but may be found as unintended contaminants within a commercial chemical formulation utilized in facilities that process textile materials, synthetic leather, leather, and trim parts in textiles & footwear.

This includes not only chemical used specifically for production, but also cleaning supplies, machine cleaners, lubricants, etc.  that are in use in the facility for maintenance and support.
The ZDHC conformance process offers brands, material suppliers, and product finishers a choice of recognised and accepted options to provide ZDHC certificates.

Testtex India Laboratories Pvt Ltd , as recognized and accepted independent third party laboratory can help brands and their value chain by providing indicators in the form of test certificate that  following chemical formulations will be in conformance to ZDHC MRSL requirements. 

  • Auxiliaries and finishing agents for fibers and yarns
  • Pretreatment agents
  • Textile auxiliaries for dyeing and printing
  • Finishing assistants
  • Technical auxiliaries for multipurpose used in the textile industry
  • Other auxiliaries
  • Dyes & pigments
  • Ancillaries

The ZDHC MRSL list of chemical substances banned from Intentional uses and should be tested for identification and quantification for ZDHC MRSL conformance requirements are as follows

  • Alkyl Phenol (AP) and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEOs)
  • Chlorobenzenes and Chlorotoluenes (COC) 
  • Chlorophenols (All Isomers) 
  • Banned Amines from Azo dyes 
  • Dyes-Navy Blue Colourant 
  • Carcinogenic Dyes. 
  • Allergenic Disperse Dyes 
  • Flame Retardants 
  • Glycols 
  • Halogenated Solvents
  • Organotin Compounds 
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 
  • Perfluorinated and Polyfluorinated Chemicals (PFOS and PFOA)
  • Phthalates o Total Heavy Metals (As, Hg, Cd, Pb, CrVI) 
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 
  • Short Chain of Chlorinated Paraffin (SCCP) 
  • Other Contaminants 

Other tests on request formaldehyde, BOD, COD, Biodegradability, Toxicity in terms of IC 50 Algae

Testtex recognises the challenges faced by members with regards to chemical formulations and chemical management in the supply chain. With a vision for quality assurance through testing, Inspection and consultancy and a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, Testtex provides help to the chemical industry and other supply chain stakeholders to meet the challenges towards road map to Zero Discharge, chemical restrictions policies of Brands, global legislation and eco-labels. The recent Greenpeace ‘Detox’ campaign and the subsequent ZDHC Initiative has accorded an urgency to this issue. Test reports & Certificate issued by Testtex will not only assist interested parties by using chemical formulation that are in conformance to ZDHC MRSL Limits, but also ensure  themselves and their customers, that banned chemical substances are not intentionally used during production. 

With a “smart approach” testing, (every type of chemical formulation need not be tested for each MRSL parameter) Testtex team identifies probable hazardous substance depending upon type and end-use of chemical formulation and serves :-

  • Chemical Manufacturer/ suppliers 
  • Material suppliers 
  • Dye – Houses and processors 
  • Brands, Retailers and value supply chain

Our quest is to make the world a better place

Testtex Detox Team will review chemical formulations, identify hazardous substances to be tested, guide to fill up test request form and conduct tests for ZDHC MRSL conformance accordingly.

Testtex Detox Team will provide indicators in term of Test certificate along with Test report.
On conformance of Chemical formulation to ZDHC MRSL, Testtex Detox Team will send the Test certificate along with Test report to ZDHC.  
Chemical / Formulation suppliers can upload the Test certificate along with Test report on the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module.

Testtex Provides service for 

  • MRSL conformance analysis for chemical formulations as per ZDHC as well as GOTS requirement including BOD, COD, Biodegradability and Toxicity in term of IC 50 algae.
  • RSL conformance analysis for apparel, leather, footwear & other products, jewelries & other accessories.
  • Conventional and residual hazardous chemical parameter for waste water and treated water including microbiological parameter for coliform & E.coli

Test services for waste water & treated water