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Testtex is a part of green initiatives promoted by Fiber2 Fashion in their Sustainability Magazine and online Sustainability Plus column.


As the world progresses rapidly, we are increasingly becoming aware of the fragility of our eco system. The products that we use directly or indirectly impact our environment. This fact has attracted manufacturer’s conscious.

Believing in green initiatives means putting all small and big efforts together on the same tray to make this world a better place to live. Testtex’s mission of – “Touching lives trough quality assurance “ is incorporated in the corporate environment also through our green initiatives.

Testtex India is a partner organization to the leading brands in the world and we support all our stakeholders to together work for the welfare of the environment and society. All our stakeholders starting from our esteemed clients to our employees, we bring together our noble notion and efforts. We believe in the thought of developing the present where all necessary requirements are fulfilled and collectively focusing on the achievement of the needs of our future generations.

At Testtex corporate offices we join hands to make “MARCH TOWARDS A PAPER-LESS OFFICE” with 3 E’s: Economical, Environmental and Efficient.

Economical: Saving papers directly saves money and hence we follow the daily routine of saving papers. Environmental: By using fewer papers burden on the environment gets reduced. Our natural resources like water, trees and energy are extensively used for paper production.

Efficient: Switching of paper work to electronic forms has improved efficiency. Not all the paper work is possible to be replaced by electronics forms but minimizing it plays a major role in increasing efficiency.

Testtex encourages its employees and stakeholders for some simple actions like-

  • Not printing the documents unless necessary.
  • Printing the required documents at both ends.
  • Minimizing the font size in the letters circulated.

Testtex takes the initiative of not using the disposables glasses for the daily drinks of the employees. Our team equally understands the need of a sustainable society and hence they prefer having their daily drinks in their own mugs and cups.

Testtex also practices waste segregation, prior to safe disposable. Waste is segregated at source and necessary treatment is given depending upon its characteristics so that sustainability of environment is not adversely affected.

We believe that if the chain of initiatives moves on then our minor efforts will have a mark able result in the society resulting in availability of cleaner environment that helps I keeping our planet green. Many of our clients have adopted corporate values and ecological standards that care for the earth.

Testtex India shares this concern, and is committed to helping its clients attain ecological goals. It is our quest to do our bit for greener and cleaner environment. We hope to leave a legacy for generations to follow.